Mary's support and back massages while I was in labor were a great comfort.  I had a wonderful birth experience!

                              -  Hannah & Nick.


the way birth is meant to be ...

Awwww ..... I just love my doula families!!!

        Such kind words .....

Mary's support and guidance before and during labor were invaluable.  She will always hold a special place in our daughter's birth story. 

                              -  Britta & Chris

We can't thank Mary enough for all her kindness and care during our labor.   We appreciate EVERYTHING you did for us!

                                  - Nadya & Mark

We were so grateful to have Mary as our magnificent doula!  She is truly a super-hero to us & we could not have had such a positive birth experience with her by our sides!  We also so thankful for her continued post partum support.

                              The Brice Family

My first baby was was breech, so I elected to have a cesarean birth.  I had never had surgery before and a friend of mine suggested hiring a doula to be with my husband and I during the surgery.   BEST THING EVER!   I can't tell you how calming it was to have Mary with me the entire time!   She was able to come back to the operating room with me from the very beginning, even when my husband had to wait for my spinal to be in.  Mary never left my side and explained everything that was happening.  She took pictures for us and made our birth experience a calm, happy one!   Thank you, Mary!!!!   You ROCK!

                                           - N & C

Mary helped me through a long labor.  She made my birth a lot easier.

                                                   -  See V.

Thank you so much for being our doula!  We cannot fully express how grateful we are for all of your help!  We don't know how we could have done it without you.  The hip squeeze along made a world of difference!!  It was so reassuring having you there for E's birth and we are also grateful for all your help and insight leading up to it!

            J & B Anderson

We were so happy to find Mary. She truly helped the experience be all I hoped. She was a good listener and helped me to have the birth I wanted. She was flexible and easy to work with. Mary had great techniques for helping with pain, and if I ever attempted another natural birth, there is no doubt I would want her help. She helped my husband know how to be involved and how to help me too. And it was easy to see this is her passion, her heart is in it, it's not just a paycheck. Mary loves what she does and even comes for a follow up visit after, which is so nice. I would recommend her to my closest family and friends. 

                                   - Elisa & Dan

I can't imagine my birth experience without Mary. There were times during labor when I wanted to give up but she pulled me back to the moment. Mary helped me to realize my goal of natural child birth and she helped my husband be the best birth coach possible. I highly recommend Mary as a doula. She will help you to achieve the birth experience that you hope for. Her love for birth is obvious through her actions. We love her and are grateful for all she did for us and our baby.

                                          - Robin

My husband and I were absolutely 100% satisfied and happy that we hired Mary as our doula. We met with her twice before "the big day" and she used those meetings to really get to know us. She had lots of useful advice and helped us think through and make a meaningful birth plan. 

She came to the hospital when I was induced and stayed with me all day until our son was born. She was patient, calming and very encouraging. She empowered my husband to help me through contractions and reassured him that my labor was going well. When I was ready to give up and begging for pain meds she talked me through it so that I was able to push my baby out! What a gift! Without Mary we would have been terrified and don't think we would have coped with the labor.

After the birth Mary stayed with the three of us for about 90 minutes while we all settled in for the evening. She called and emailed a few times in the first week to check in on us. She also did an in-home visit at about 2 weeks post partum. We loved this because she 'debriefed' us on the whole labor and birth experience. She normalized everything we went through and helped us to remember parts that we had already forgotten.

The best thing about having Mary as our doula was that because of her we'll always remember our son's birth in a positive way. I know many women who delivered healthy babes but came away from their delivery feeling disappointed and pessimistic. Not us.

We truly feel that hiring her was the best money we spent on the whole pregnancy. We're definitely looking forward to using her again for our next pregnancy!.

                                     - M & M

Mary's presence was such a blessing and comfort to all of us during the birth of our first child.

                            -  Beth & Jeremy