the way birth is meant to be... 


Birth Doula


I've always been fascinated with pregnancy and birth.  After the birth of my children, I coached and supported as many family and friends during their births as I possibly could over the next couple of decades..   I mistakenly assumed that one had to be a registered nurse to be a birth coach and so I didn't pursue my dream professionally.   The moment I found out that my dream job existed outside of the nursing realm - I made a beeline to the first doula training workshop I could find!   I've been a certified, professional doula for over 5 years now.   I am living the dream, peeps!   I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE being a doula!   There is nothing more rewarding to me (other than being a parent myself) than to come along side expecting families and support them throughout the most amazing journey of their lives!  

Birth matters!  It changes you - grows you, and you're never the same once you've been through such a miraculous, life-giving experience!   Every single woman that I'm honored enough to witness give birth is a rock star in my eyes!   What an incredible privilege and honor to be included into such a sacred space ..... it's completely humbling!   

Throughout my years of "doula-ing", I've had the honor of supporting countless families experience many different kinds of birthing situations.   Each birth is unique and yet the same in such a miraculous way.  Unique in that I've supported families who chose to birth naturally, some chose a medicated birth or some chose a bit of both.  I've teamed with amazingly, strong mamas as they've rocked out VBAC's, surgical births, delivered multiples, birthed in the water or at home!   

When I'm not doula-ing, you can find me at home in Hudson, Wisconsin where I live with my hubby and Norwegian Elk-Hound, Charlie!  I enjoy reading, cooking, gardening, laughing and spending time with my family & friends.   I also work at St. John's Hospital in Maplewood occassionally and have been there for many years!   I enjoy volunteering in both Children's & Women's Ministries at my local church.


DONA Certified Birth Doula - CD(DONA) -  Hypnobabies® Certified Doula, HCHB - HypnoBirthing® - Certified Placental Preparation Specialist -     Spinning Babies Trained - DONA "GOLD Standard" Lactation Training - Lamaze Childbirth Education - ICEA Childbirth Educator Training -                                                                  Life-Limiting Diagnosis Training - Infant Loss Grief Training